What are four most popular holiday destinations for americans?

As expected, the survey highlighted Mexico as the top destination for U.S. travelers this year. What would a Christmas be without spending at least December 25th in the most magical place in the world. Whether they're planning to absorb the culture of the Eternal City of Rome or take advantage of Milan's world-class shopping opportunities, the survey revealed that Italy was the fourth most desired destination by American travelers.

Cities that were once popular tourist destinations before the pandemic, such as Boston, New York and Los Angeles, are also seeing a significant return of travelers this summer, indicating a positive step in the recovery of tourism, said Daniel Durazo, director of external communications at Allianz Partners, in a statement sent to Travel + Leisure. Among European countries, it's no surprise that Italy is number one, as it tends to be the number one dream destination for Americans in every travel survey, every year. The bottom line is that a good travel agent will almost certainly improve your travel experience; it will almost certainly produce better results when something goes wrong (flight cancellations, illnesses, natural disasters, war); you have a much better chance of making your dream trip possible at times like now when the demand for travel is increasing and supply is limited, especially in the most popular places; and in some cases, it will also save you money. Perhaps the only surprise on the list, Portugal surpassed other traditionally popular destinations for American travelers, such as the United Kingdom and the Dominican Republic, and became the fifth most sought after destination according to the survey.

Canada, which is traditionally the second most popular international destination for Americans, also ranked second on the list of destinations Americans want to visit this year in the survey. Insurance and travel assistance company Allianz Partners analyzed more than 1,175,000 summer flight schedules lasting between five and eight days and found that Orlando tops the list of domestic destinations for travelers this summer, while Cancun will be the most visited international destination. Each participant answers questions about their desired destinations and experiences, then the analyses analyze the results and produce a suggested roadmap for future trips.